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Sailing Designs Volume Five

Treasures for Sailors and Sailboat Lovers

Robert H. Perry’s Sailing Designs are treasures of sailboat information. The collected reviews of sailboat designs by the famed yacht designer and expert columnist for SAILING Magazine analyze sailboats of all types and sizes with a combination of technical expertise and forthright critical commentary.

The book includes drawings, photos, plans and specifications reproduced on extra-large 10 by 13-inch pages, along with critiques by Perry, who is renowned for the honesty and authority of his boat reviews and his distinctive and entertaining writing style.

Sailing Designs Volume Five includes reviews of 228 sailboats designed from 1992 to 1998. Many of these boats are still being produced and almost all of them are found in fleets around the country, with many available on the used-boat market.

Besides a practical guide, the Sailing Designs books are handsome additions to a sailor’s library.